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Transportation in Thailand

Transportation is one of the most advanced factors, so far as Thailandís development is concerned. Transportation in Thailand is pretty superior and can be compared to the advanced transport system of the European countries and US as well. The major modes of transport in Thailand are the railway tracks, bus service and the metro links. Since the country is one of the major tourist spots in the world, transportation in Thailand is constantly growing and developing.

Thailand is well connected with countries like Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar through the advanced railway service. Some of the minor railway tracks are under construction now. Most interestingly, there is a friendship bridge between Thailand and Laos, which is very popular among the tourists. The countries which are well connected through these broad railway tracks are Bangkok, Ratchaburi, Chumphon, Surat Thani and others. Surat Thani and Chiang Mai are the major junctions.

So far as transportation in Thailand is concerned, the national highways are the major attractions. Presently, the highways have stretched even to the smaller cities of Thailand. In Bangkok, the ramp styled U- turns are very popular. Recently, the undivided two lane highways have been formed as undivided four lane highways. Thus, the transport ministry of Thailand has ensured complete security and safety.

Bus Service
The advanced bus service is one of the major concerns regarding transportation in Thailand. So far as long distance travel is concerned, buses are the major modes of transport. The VIP long distance buses are luxurious and tall, where as, the tourist buses are mostly colorful and bright looking. People say that, Bangkok is the city of buses. The buses are of different sizes and features. The categories are many; full size, half size, double length and open windowed.

Transportation in Thailand includes other useful modes like, water ways, canals, ports and harbors and the important heliports. The media of Thailand travel is thus varied and superior.

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