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Chiang Mai Tourist Destinations

Discovered by King Mangrai, the city of Chiang Mai is protected by moats and is a cauldron of historical monuments. Each of the monuments mark the changing course of the city’s seven hundred years of history. Generations after generations have treaded the narrow lanes that link the tranquil neighborhoods to the temples and the markets. This city lives on trading, but unlike Bangkok, it is famous for its brilliants artistic temples of historical origin.

One can venture the city delights either by walking or by car. The roads are classified in to highways and other roads that witness less traffic jams. You can enjoy the colorful market on Maninopharat Road at the Chang Phukat Gate or can explore the sacred mountains and the national park of Doi Suthep. The mountain is home to many animal and plant life. Apart from being the breeding ground for animals, it is also a sacred place.

Go Places:
The Foreign Cemetery-You can view a statue of Queen Victoria atop the home of some of the Chiang Mai’s notable Western residents. Don’t forget to see the largest mausoleum of a former British consul general. The custodian at the gates sell of some books that tells the tale of this historical Chiang Mai city.

Malls and Markets:
  • The Airport Plaza- The supermarket area of Chaing Mai is situated in the intersection of Mahidol and Hang Dong Rd. The market also has a basement food center, which claims to be the best of its kind in the city.

  • Kad Suan Kaew/ Crystal Park Market- The market spread over a substantial area of the Huay Kaew rd. is a major Thailand Tourist Attraction and constitutes a mega mall that witness a number of twenty somethings sauntering around. This is, undoubtedly is one among the best Chaing Mai Tourist Destinations of the city. The construction is sited along a small grassy park, housing the Pang Suan Kaew Lotus hotel, the Kad Theater, a conference center and restaurants.

  • Warorot and Lamyai Markets- This is a big market place situated between Kuang Ma and Praisani Roads. The two storied building constituting markets that sell fresh and dry food, clothing and other local products, is one of the busiest place in Chaing Mai and is considered as a local attraction . This is the typical business area of Chaing Mai. Walk through the skinny alleys of this market that smell of the exotic spices of Thailand.

  • The World Insects Museum- The museum is the repertoire of all the kinds of insects that are found in Thailand. Take a look to learn some of the world’s minutest anatomies. Apart from this check out the other museums that are worth a visit. The postal Museum, Royal Thai Decorations and Coins Pavilion, Tribal Museum are some of the other Chiang Mai Tourist Destinations.

    Mountains- Rent a personalized motor cycle from the Dirt Roads in to the hills and experience a single handed tour to the heights of adventure. You can also enjoy trekking with your friends to some of the famous hills of Chiang Mai.

    Orchid Farms- Check out the flamboyant orchards, one of the best Chiang Mai Tourist Destinations, of The Mae Sa Valley, west of Chiang Mai, to discover some of the best orchids of the world.
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