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Bangkok Tourist Destinations

Thailand, the land of white elephants is now more popular as an amazing tourist destination. The country is the melting pot of myriad culture and traditions, as different indigenous culture co-exist since its birth. Spread over an area of 514,000 square kilometers, this populous country is home to several distinct geographical regions. While the north of the country boats of the array of snow clad Fold Mountains, the central and the southern part is graced with some of the world famous rivers and islands.

Amongst the other cities of Thailand, Bangkok witnesses the fame of being one of the most sought after Thailand Tourist Destinations. The wealthiest and the most populous city of Thailand is the potpourri of all kinds of attractions. Be it shopping, hotels, sight seeing or the temples, Bangkok is really one of the ideal Thailand Tourist Destination.

Things to do in Bangkok and the Bangkok Tourist Destinations:

  • Shopping Forget about those boring shopping plazas, clad with fancy glitz and glamour. Explore the exclusive boat ride cruising through the floating bananas, pumpkins, and watermelons. Well if you are still confused, then find out yourself the unique floating market of Bangkok which witnesses the daily transactions on a water base. Expedite through the smaller canals that branched out from the main Chao Phraya River to meet the Damneon Saduak Floating Market and the Tailing Chan Floating Market. This is one of the most unique tourist destinations in Bangkok Thailand

  • Canal Trip Take a trip along the Khlong Bangkok Noi and Khlong Bang Yai, one of the famous Bangkok Tourist Destinations, to see the Royal Barges Museum, the Suwannaram Temple, and the Wat Sisudaram Temple. Freeze some of the unique features of Bangkok while you glide through the serpentine canals flanked by the local wonders.

  • Dining Satisfy your taste bud in some of the famous restaurants in the city that serve exclusive Thai preparations. Taste the exotic spices mixed with the home grown herbs and vegetables in Bangkok, which boasts of some of the best Restaurants and Bars in Thailand .

  • Temples Thailand is a land of temples. Being a Buddhist country, the people practice Buddhism in Thailand, though the country is a home to many Hindu believers as well. Learn more about the myths and beliefs of Thailand from the engraved sculptures on the body of the temples. See some of the mind blowing architectures that drop your jaw and makes your Holidays in Thailand worthwhile.

  • Waterways Wending its way to the city, the Chao Praya river witness hundreds of people commuting every day. Glide through the busy water ways and witness the fast river taxi whooshing by you in a jiffy. Strange and exciting, enjoying the water transportation system of Bangkok is simply the most unique venture amongst the other Thailand Tours.

  • Night Life In contrast to the pristine beaches and the peace loving populace of Thailand, the night life is a complete opposite world. The night clubs of Bangkok are at par with any other clubs of the world. The rowdy and the wild crowd in some of the bars and clubs of Bangkok is simply a contrary to Thailandís image. If you are a hard core party animal, there is no need to miss your country. Enjoy the diverse night life of Bangkok which features some of the excellent music and good jazz clubs and is one among the other atypical Bangkok Tourist Destinations

  • Museums Explore the world famous museums which restore the landís tradition, history and other interesting subjects, which are worth discovering.

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