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Fascinating, enchanting and beguiling come to Thailand to know it better. Blessed with the charismatic beauty of the sparkling blue water, shinny white sandy beaches and the magnificent coral beaches, there is no dearth of Tourist Destinations in Thailand. A land of smiles and magic, Thailand beckons you to spend a holiday with her.

Vibrant, colorful and cosmopolitan, Bangkok thrives with life all day long. With gleaming skyscrapers, dazzling malls and shops, gorgeous temples and a plethora of luxury hotels Bangkok often surpasses imagination. Come and sea the floating markets, enjoy the cabaret dancing, taste lip-smacking food, shop at the five star international malls and make the most of the interesting nightlife at Bankok and you will keep coming back here.

Just 40 minutes away from Bankok, Phuket is one of the most frequented holiday destinations in Asia. Boasting some of the best beaches and islands in Thailand Thailand Islands and Beaches a rocking nightlife and a host of recreation options, it is so much fun to stay at Phuket, that you will be obsessed with the land. Undoubtedly, a piece of heaven on earth, come to Phuket to unravel its beauty and beguiled by its charm. There is a wide array of accommodation and dining options for you to choose from.

Chiang Mai
‘Chiang Mai’ literally meaning ‘new city’ was founded by King Meng Rai on 12th April 1296. With a 700 hundred years old culture, this perhaps one of the rare cities in the world where you can see the ancient architecture like chedis and traditional temples next to the most modern and plush malls and hotels. Rich in culture and heritage and gifted with the beauty of nature Chiang Mai’ is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Thailand that stands close to Phuket.

Founded in late 17th century by Queen Chama Devi, Lampang has found position among the most popular Tourist Destinations in Thailand due to its archaic monuments, temples and monasteries. Adorning the entire city stands a number of beautiful temple and monastery that bears the mark of the age old architecture and narrates the story of the past. Come to this city located north of Bankok and a take a tour back in time.

A couple of hors away from the capital city of Thailand, Pattaya is gifted with serene beaches. Feel the soft and supple sand, enjoy the beauty of the bright blue water or indulge in sports activities. At Pattaya, you can do all of it and more. With a wide choice of hotels and restaurants, a number of tourist destinations Pattaya is Thailand’s oldest International Beach Resort.

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