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Thailand, the land of white elephants is now more popular as an amazing tourist destination. The country is the melting pot of myriad culture and traditions, as different indigenous culture co-exist since its birth. Spread over an area of 514,000 square kilometers, this populous country is home to several distinct geographical regions. While the north of the country boats of the array of snow clad Fold Mountains, the central and the southern part is graced with some of the world famous rivers and islands and beaches.

Take a blitzkrieg through the breathtaking beauty of this country.
Since Thailand is a vast country, the tour to this land of white elephants has been organized in to a set of certain packages. Tours to Thailand can last for 7 days around Thailand, 6 days around Thailand, 10 days around Thailand and the likes. You can choose from the various categories of Tour to Thailand that are available for you.

The Thailand Tour Showcase
Tours can be arranged according to the demands of the tourists. You can opt for a tour to Thailand (whole country) lasting for 10 days or more (depends upon the package).You can also opt for sectional tours. This category arranges tour for different parts of Thailand. You can choose to visit any of the following areas:

  • Tour to Central Thailand The central Thailand is known as Bangkok to us. Bangkok witnesses the fame of being one of the most sought after Thailand Tourist Destinations. The wealthiest and the most populous city of Thailand is the potpourri of all kinds of attractions. Be it Shopping in Thailand, hotels, sight seeing or the temples, Bangkok is really the ideal Tourist Destination.

  • Tour to South Thailand The south of Thailand means Phuket precisely. Visit the azure sea flanked by the pallid sand beach. Enjoy a dip in to the crystal clear water of the sea or take a stroll along the sea side.

  • Tour to North Thailand Discovered by King Mangrai , the city of Chiang Mai is protected by moats and is a cauldron of historical monuments. Each of the monuments mark the changing course of the cityís seven hundred years of history. Generations after generations have treaded the narrow lanes that link the tranquil neighborhoods to the temples and the markets. This city lives on trading, but unlike Bangkok , it is famous for its brilliants artistic temples of historical origin.

  • Tour to South East ThailandJust two hours from Bangkok, Pattaya is Thailandís oldest International Beach Resort. The place is a popular weekend destination for the tourists who visit Thailand. Beach is the main attraction of Pattaya. The azure sea meandered by the busy sandy beach pulls in most of the tourists.

  • Tour to North East Thailand

Cruise Tour
Special tours can be organized for people who are interested in Cruise tours. A legendary river Cruise can be organized at a very reasonable rate to glide you through the bays of Thailand and show you some of the famous beaches of Thailand. Time and cost of the tour is also flexible depending upon the standards set by the organizer.

Hiking and Trekking
Hiking and trekking tours can be also organized to give you a taste of the astounding hills and snow clad mountains of Thailand.

Sight Seeing
An up close and personal visit to all the attractions of Thailand can be arranged. Either by bus or by flight, you can choose your mode of transport.

Fly with us
Depending upon your needs, the tour to Thailand package may include or exclude flight fares as well at a discounted price. Both to and fro journey or one way Flights to Thailand can be accommodated in the package.

Wish you enjoy wonderful Holidays in Thailand, each time you travel with us.

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