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Thailand, the Southeast Asian kingdom of the Buddhists can be called as the central point of India and China, as it is almost equidistant from the two. Known as Siam for centuries, Thailand is spread out in an area covering approximately 510,000 square kilometers and holds a population of 57 million. This magical island which has awed the tourists for years, has a fantastic geographical landscape. Surrounded by mountains towards the North, and the sprawling plateau in the North-east, Thailand is the land of dreams. With the deep forests that is a home to the giant elephants and the fruit paradise of strawberries and peaches, this majestic place presents a lifetime experience for the travellers.

There are innumerable Hotels and Resorts in Thailand. People flock to this magical island every year and the Thailand Hotels and Resorts are ever ready to welcome them. One can find an enormous choice for Thailand Hotels and Resorts. Thailand Tourist Destinations like Bangkok, Hua Hin, Krabi, Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai have top grade resorts and hotels.

There are endless numbers of Thailand Tourist Attractions and tourists come here through out the year. The hotels and resorts of Thailand offer very good facilities and amenities for their guests. The location of the hotels and resorts are very good and easily accessible. The rooms are tastefully furnished in all the hotels with all the modern facilities. Restaurants, bars and cafes are found in most of them. Swimming pools and gyms and recreational facilities are included in the hotelís services and amenities list. Many of the hotels and resorts have free car parking. Plus there are other facilities like the currency exchange, internet access and conference rooms in some of them.

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