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Festivals and Events in Thailand

Thailand is a land of colorful festivals, mirth and merry making. Most of these festivals are observed according to the rules of the lunar calendar. It is because of this reason that, a particular festival is observed on different dates in different years. However, it is definitely not a matter of dates but of unlimited festivity. During the year, the small provinces of Thailand celebrate their individual festivals. But the national occasions are observed with insoluble unity, gusto and enthusiasm.

Among the festivals and events in Thailand, the remarkable ones are Chiang Mai Winter Fair, The River Kings Festival, Bangkok China Town Festival, Pattaya Festival and many more. If you are pursuing a tour to Thailand, then make sure that it is a festive session. Thus, Thailand travel does not only mean visiting the country, but to gather more knowledge about the people, culture and festivals.

Among the remarkable festivals and events in Thailand, the winter fair in January is something unique. It is almost a fair with colorful stalls, boxing competition, beauty pageants and fantastic musical events. This winter festival is utterly colorful and specially meant for ladies.

The Bangkok China Town festival generally starts in February. The famous Yaowarat Road is popularly known as the China Town of Thailand. This winter festival is observed to celebrate the popular Chinese New Year. Apart from this, the traditional Thai New Year falls on 13th to 17th April every year. This festival has a deep connection with Buddhism and Buddhist festivals. For more information you can click on Buddhism in Thailand. On this dawn, people sprinkle Holy water in their houses in order to evade any evil influence. This is an auspicious day when people wear new clothes and pay their homage to the ancestors.

Other well known festivals and events in Thailand are:

  • The Royal Ploughing Ceremony ( May)
  • Visakha Bucha ( May)
  • The Birth Day If Her Majesty The Queen ( August)
  • Phimai Festival ( November)
  • Birth Day of His Majesty The King ( December)

    Thus the festivals and events in Thailand are noble opportunities to rediscover yourself through song, dance, mirth and merriment.

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