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History and Culture of Thailand

Thailand, a proud independent nation, encourage cultures as assorted as the hill tribes, sea gypsies, and rural communities, all who live in harmony with modern day city dwellers. In Kingdom of Thailand diverse people can happily co-exist and all equally love and share deep loyalty for the monarchy and believes the Kingdom unites them and transforms their diversity into strength. Thailand does not have a radical culture, but has always been able to influence hard work, aptitude and devotion of its people, make effective use of its resources and environment, and progress naturally at an evolutionary pace.

Central Thailand:
The Central Thai has been a dominating group in Thailand for centuries worked to restrain ethnic or religious differences. This was displeasured by the Chakkri Dynasty, which has been tolerant since they came to the monarchy in 1782. The system of patron- patron relationships joined households and individuals together as long as both patron and client found reciprocated benefits in the procedure. At the time, politics and economics were graspable only in terms of such relations.

Theravada Buddhism:
Another system that the greater part of Thais shared through the 1980s was Theravada Buddhism. Harmonizes the religion were principles and behaviors taking over the way of life of several types of spirits who were supposed to influence human interests.

Over the centuries Thailand's culture has left its mark on the background. Tourists can enjoy the enchantment of thousands of Buddhist temples, the ancient remains of Isaan (Thailand's Northeast) and the outstanding temples and palaces of Sukhothai and Ayuthaya. Those who are traveling to Thailand will be amazed to see how Buddhist Temples stand next to modern construction such as highways and expressways. Thailand has a multi-faceted, acquiring culture, which integrate both the ancient and the modern. One can see smiling faces of the natives, in the countless of local festivals to celebrate, making the Kingdom the ultimate travel destination.

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