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Food of Thailand

Whether you have a preference for high quality restaurant with luxurious atmosphere or the small roadside food stalls serving mouthwatering fast food within a blink of an eye, food of Thailand will satisfy your taste buds.

Thai cuisine is marked for its fervent use of aromatic herbs like basils, lemon grass and a variety of spices. Food of Thailand is tasty and cooked with organic ingredients to guarantee freshness and hygiene. As you roam from place to place the style of cooking keeps changing. Fish sauce is added to almost every dish and most of the other dishes contain some kinds of animal extract.

Keeping with the predominant food habit of entire South-East Asia, rice is the fundamental part of Thai food. A standard Thai meal usually consists of rice and other preparations of vegetables, meats and fishes are served as side dishes.

Some of the famous culinary delights are Tom Yang Soup, a spicy delicious broth made by mixing meats, spices and several other ingredients. Sometimes the soup can contain shrimp, chicken, fish or squid. Gourmets can also opt for a variety of curries with thick gravy. The Red curry is hot and made of a generous amount of red chilies whether the refreshing green curry is lighter and mellow in taste. Cooked with chicken or fish meatballs mixed with fresh chilies and Thai basis this creamy, yummy dish is simply awesome. You can also find some mouthwatering snacks at the food stalls of Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. The snack items are mostly fried dishes containing chicken, pork, fish and other types of meats. Pan fried rice noodles with sumptuous amounts of chopped peanuts, tofu, tamarind or lime juice or thick gravy style noodles containing chunks of pork, chicken or seafood are some of the mind-blowing delicacies.

To get an authentic taste of Thai culture, visitors must savor the food of Thailand.

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