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Buddhism in Thailand

Buddhism is a remarkable festival in Thailand. In Thailand, Buddhism is largely celebrated among the Theravada school. 97% of the total population of Thailand is Theravada Buddhists. Buddhism is celebrated among Theravada community with ample devotion and enthusiasm. The Theravada community has very close connections with Buddhism. The members of this community believe themselves to be inseparable parts of this religion. If they are separated from the essence of Buddhism ever, they would consider themselves, dead.

So far as the Theravada community is concerned, they firmly believe in subtle superstitions like ancestor worship and other Chinese religious attitudes. This innocent sect has firm faith on the ideals and principles of Buddhism. They regularly visit the Buddhist stupas, monuments and temples to worship Lord Buddha. Celebrating Buddhism in Thailand is quite similar to that of the other south East Asian countries, like Laos and Cambodia.

Three Aspects to Influence Buddhism in Thailand
There are three major influences responsible for the emergence of Buddhism in Thailand. Pali, the ancient language is inseparably linked to Buddhism and the Theravada community is a regular practitioner of the language. The ancient saints from the Theravada family used to write in Pali and preach the nobility of the language.

Secondly, Hindu beliefs have greatly enhanced Buddhism in Thailand. Most importantly Vedic Hinduism played a significant role in spreading the impact of Buddhism in Thailand, which still is in its full youth.

Thirdly, intermingling of Buddhist people from different countries also has added to the integrity of the religion.

In the ancient Thailand, the Mahayana sect was also instrumental in preaching the ideals of Buddhism. In contemporary Thailand, many People from the Mahayana sect have emigrated from different countries and settled in Thailand. They too are keen participators in the national Buddhist festivals. Rituals like worshipping Lord Kuan Yin and reading the Pali scripts are closely related to the Chinese customs.

Buddhism in Thailand is something very special. If you are on Thailand travel, you are bound to get one with the subtleties of the religion.

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